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Kit Review – ‘Omloop’ socks by This is Cambridge

‘Omloop’ socks by This is Cambridge – £19

In cycling circles there’s a lot of talk about socks these days – never has the humble sock been such a considered item of the cyclist’s wardrobe.

You may have heard talk of ‘upping your sock game’, or ‘sock doping’, and if you decide to get involved in a debate about ‘cuff height’ then on your head be it – don’t say you haven’t been warned!

this is cambridge omloopPerhaps you find the idea that anyone would engage in a heated debate about socks ridiculous, and that as long as the sock does the job it’s intended for (keeps your feet cool/warm, offers a bit of support, doesn’t get too sweaty) then it’s job done?

Alternatively you might be, like me, the kind of person whose head is easily turned by nice looking cycling kit. Wearing fancy socks might be a bit superficial but, hey, it doesn’t do anyone any harm, and if nothing else new socks are a cost-effective way of livening up your wardrobe.

For a combination of high cuffs and great looks you can’t go far wrong with This-Is-Cambridge’s rather natty range of both summer and winter socks (other cuff heights are available, if not necessarily recommended).

The merino wool winter version that I tested recently are the ‘Omloop’, and they look great – striking, but not too ‘look-at-me’.

The quality is obvious. The foot and ankle support is noticeable, as they pull tight around the bridge and grip nicely to the ankle; the merino wool feels silky smooth and cosy; and although I have yet to find a sock that will keep my feet truly warm on the bike in winter, these certainly struck me as better than most.

At £19 per pair there are cheaper socks on the market, but my impression is that these Omloop socks will last well and look good whilst doing it – so make your own decision.

The Omloop range is a single design in three choices of colour. The summer range is worth a look too and gives you a chance to push the boat out with pink polka dots, deliberate mismatches, or fluorescent stripes, if the mood takes you.

And in the end, if anyone actually, seriously, takes you to task for your choice of cuff length you are encouraged to respond appropriately. Ideally, you’ll put the hammer down and ride them off your wheel. Alternatively, a raised eyebrow and a withering look will do.

By the way, this works better if you’re wearing cool socks.

4 comments on “Kit Review – ‘Omloop’ socks by This is Cambridge

  1. Plain black will do just fine for me, thank you. 🙂

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  2. I ride with a dude who wears the ankle-length sock and I hate to say it, but he looks weird without proper socks… other than that, I’m with you.

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