My name is Pete Linsley. I’m born and raised in the north of England, which is too wet and cold for my increasingly refined tastes.

I plan to one day stow away on a cargo vessel and head for warmer climes. The French Alps, perhaps, or Tuscany. Somewhere with great cycling. This is the long game.

I’ll need my bike though, which is logistically tricky. Also my wife and kids. Stowing away is really a young man’s game, but you gotta have a dream, right?

When I write about pro-cycling it’s usually the stuff that might be happening off camera.

For example: the parenting skills of a certain French pro; that time when Spanish team Movistar went all Marie Kondo and embarked on the great de-clutter; and the increasing intrusive role of tech in our favourite sport.

There’s also the world of real life cycling; the weather, the roads, the suffering, the mocking, the kit, the bikes, and the not-taking-ourselves-too-seriously-if-we-can-possibly-help-it.

Occasionally my wife, kids, and friends get a mention.

Sometimes they notice.

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Or just e-mail: ragtimecyclist@outlook.com

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I also review kit. Often these are samples provided by the kit supplier which I don’t pay for. I thought it was important to be clear about that. I try to give an honest opinion of any kit I review. I always look for the positives but if a product has flaws I will point those out. It would be wrong not to.

11 comments on “who?

  1. HI, thanks for stopping by and liking one of my posts. If you check out the bottom of that post I think you might find something on cycling that you could reblog. I am an avid cyclist and ride nearly every day here in Chicago. Nice meeting you!


  2. HI, Pete. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post on the importance of empathy. Keep pedaling!


  3. Hello Pete, thank you for the follow. I am waiting for the day I have a new bike again. Btw, cycling can never be boring 🙂

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  4. Thanks for following my blog. Cycling is a passion for me as part of triathlons.

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  5. Mark A Wilson

    Needed some content, played out tweets at the moment. Posted you to one of my G+ sites. Attempted FB, it failed for some reason I’m to blurry to determine. Sorry I haven’t donated yet. I will Monday. Seriously… I get some funds then and your work is a lift. I’m dealing with dueling charity managers so things have been a bit dicey. Photo shoot Tuesday and ahem sure I’m thrilled about that. Domain names to be secured Tuesday as well. Sorry enough. I’d like to just ride for a week like until I can’t feel the bar the hoods… I’ll dabble here if you don’t mind… As always, will Plug you where I can. Would like your thoughts on WordPress as an aside if you deem it appropriate. Now let me devour a couple 1000 of your words. I’ll take suffering for a 1000 to start

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    • Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate – appreciate the plugs 👍 No pressure whatsoever to donate, whatever you’re comfortable with.

      As for WordPress, I can’t fault it. It’s easy to use, customisable, and looks much better than the other free blog platforms I think. Hard to believe you can use it free of charge I always think.


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