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Kit Review: Pro Classic Jersey by Soomom

Come winter, cycling-wise, Australia lives rent free in my head. While I battle with the 4pm sunsets of northern England my Instagram is awash with tanned and healthy antipodean cyclists living their best, sun-drenched life (see above 👆🏻).

All blues, greens and ochres, to the blanket of dismal grey outside my window.

And so, when I got the chance to review the latest release from Sydney brand Soomom during their winter, I jumped at the chance. Knowing that the Aussies wouldn’t get a proper chance to don this kit in the sun for a few months only enhanced my experience.

I was smug.

Then I made the mistake of actually checking the Sydney climate. I discovered that for June and July (their winter, don’t forget) average temperatures are no different to those of high summer here in Lancashire.

I think I sort of knew this, but checking it was a mistake.

No wonder those Aussies are so damn optimistic.

Anyway. I got over my disappointment to put their kit through its paces during the traditionally small window of UK sunshine.

Pro Classic Jersey: £95.98

This Jersey is their Pro Classic in lime green – one of a new range of Vivid colourways – a clinical slice of razor-sharp minimal design. Black zip and logo, three sharp rear pockets, a couple of classy looking reflective dots and dashes to the rear: Blam!

That’s it.

Simple, lazer-guided precision.

A cracking example of clean, crisp bike wear.

The sleeves are cut long and aero, gripping the crook of the elbow like a small child seeking attention from a busy parent. The rear pockets have those same sharp edges – ‘free cut’, to quote the chaps at Soomom – with a gripper beneath to hold things in place.

The material is Italian made and has a silky hug with no rucking or bunching with the zipper.

About that material: we’re talking light and tactile, stretchy enough to enable the most flailing, aggressive of attacks, whilst keep you comfortable on a long day in the saddle. The size Small weighs in at a wispy 100g but still feels durable and ‘real-world’.

This is a premium piece of kit – clean, comfortable, and high quality – and it manages to do something pretty impressive: it delivers the high visibility of a near flouro colour scheme whilst avoiding the council worker/health and safety inspector vibe that ruins most hi-viz kit.

And so, come the early UK sunsets of autumn, providing the temperature hangs on, I’ll give it the chance to keep me safe on the road for a few weeks before bedding down for winter.

For info I’m generally a size Large (78 kilos and 1m 82 tall), sometimes dropping down to medium (I wear Large in Castelli, and that’s nicely race-fit on me), and the Pro Classic in large is perfect.

Snug, aero, and super-comfortable.

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3 comments on “Kit Review: Pro Classic Jersey by Soomom

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  2. Looks good, nice and modern with the longer sleeves and low neckline. Aero gains! I’ve actually never heard of this brand and I live out here, so will check out their website in a bit. No photos of you donning this brightly coloured kit? 😆

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