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Kit Review: Essential Bib Shorts by Soomom

Essential Bib-Shorts: £88.59

Whilst not a ‘rule’ following slave to conformity I generally take some convincing to stray from black when it comes to bib-shorts. I have paired the recently tested Lime Green Pro Classic with black bibs and it looked good, but when matched with the grey: jackpot!

Something about the way grey takes the edge off the jersey, or contrasts it with hyper-understatement, just works.

As for these bib-shorts as a standalone piece of kit?

Again, as with the Jersey, we’re talking lightweight and silky. Here in the UK, where the other three seasons require at least the suggestion of weather protection from the waist down, these are summer bibs.

When the mercury does eventually nudge upwards they promise to provoke that mild, occasional panic of ‘am-I-even-wearing-shorts!’ that the very softest, most unrestrictive shorts can do.

We can only hope that on all but the most forgetful of occasions that panic ends with a glance down and a ‘phew…thank God!’

The style, as with the jersey, is pleasingly minimal, with only some quiet reflective detailing breaking up the grey. The shoulder straps are wide and comfortable, with mesh to the rear, and the rubber hem grippers offer a gentle hold rather than the sticky grip of some other bib shorts.

So take your pick.

(By the way this guy👇🏻 isn’t me, he’s a model. Best to be clear about these things!)

The pad, of course, is where it’s at when it comes to bib shorts. Without wishing to get anatomical, we all have a different shape in that department, and the pad of a pair of bibs is the most personal of all the cycling kit choices.

I was really happy with the pad here. It’s not cushioned with bulk nor stripped back and streamlined but somewhere in-between. After four rides, and a total of about 300 kilometres, I remained un-chafed by seams and stitching and still on good terms with my undercarriage.

And that, for a pair of bibs, is job done.

For big days on the bike, durability, and a full high-performance pad, Soomom have more premium offerings – the Race Bibs, and the Ultra-lightweights, for example – but for a good, everyday pair, the Essentials hit the mark.  

So, buy these for warm weather riding. Buy them for simple style and lightweight flexibility. Buy them because you’ve always wanted to try something other than black.

And if you want the full package, pair them with something Vivid and minimal: an understated yin to a look-at-me! yang.

Check out the Pro Classic Jersey here: click

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