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Kit Review: Road Lightweight Jersey by Pearson Cycles

Road Lightweight Jersey: Greg Coulton Illustrates x Pearson 1860 – £120

Pearson Cycles have nailed it. They’ve delivered a stunner. In collaboration with renowned graphic artist Greg Coulton comes a jersey that is lightweight, racy, and happy to straddle the boundary between outrageous and understated.

Outrageously understated, perhaps?

Confident, is the word.

Pearson, you see, have been around for generations. They have a certain self-assurance.

The sleeves and rear pockets are where the artisanal magic happens. The tattoo-esque flourish of local Pearson landmarks includes River Thames swans and Richmond Park stags, among other things. From a distance, a stylistic swirl that draws the eye, up close, a thing of beauty.

You might recognise the style?

Is it possible you drank a bottle of Becks back in 2018? Greg Coulton’s designs may well have adorned the label.

Should you notice your riding buddies weaving drunkenly mid-ride, declaring their love for you and suggesting a mucky post-ride kebab, it’s possible that the mental connection between jersey and beer has prompted a Pavlovian response.

Pissed by proxy?


Holding this jersey together is that delicate blue, a whispy-thin lightweight body of recycled stretchy stuff, with that racy V at the waist. Stylish crook-of-the-elbow sleeves. Beautifully designed, crafted, and cut.


Road Theory Cycling

The practical stuff: decent full length zipper; nice comfy collar; sticky little gripper around the waist; super-breathable; three good rear pockets.

No zip pocket, which doesn’t bother me, but might you. If it does, then come to terms with it and buy the jersey. This is not a deal breaker.

The year of our lord two thousand and twenty has, to date, been a bit of a bummer. In all kinds of ways. Ways which have put the loveliness of a cycling jersey into perspective. Or, perhaps, made lovely stuff all the more important?

On those odd occasions this year when the stars have aligned and I’ve found myself with a glorious sunny commitment-free day stretched out ahead, I’ve reached for this jersey every time.

Without hesitation.

That is my endorsement.

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