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New book OUT NOW: The Grand Tour Files 2019

Some are calling it: “a great read.”

Others say it’s: “the perfect Christmas gift for any literate human.”

All agree that The Grand Tour Files 2019 is a book, written by me, and available to buy in all good…

…well, no, it’s on Amazon. You’ll have to forgive me that.

Click here to buy The Grand Tour Files 2019:
Paperback: £5.99
E-book: £2.99

Memorable paragraphs include:

“I kept sticking out a hand, trying to get an umbrella from a spectator, but they just kept high-fiving me!”
James Knox, Stage 9, Vuelta Espana 2019

“There’s the fat-free angular face, just the thinnest layer of skin stretched across, and that nose, filed to a sharp point along its length…honed in some secret lab, Slovenian Primoz Roglic is undoubtedly the most anatomically aerodynamic of all the cyclists.”
Giro d’Italia 2019: Stage 1

“Mike Teunissen, early wearer of the Yellow Jersey, is a supporting actor shoved, blinking into the spotlight, to sign autographs, avail himself of the drinks and nibbles, and generally be fabulous. This is his fifteen minutes of fame.”
Tour de France 2019: Stage 3

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6 comments on “New book OUT NOW: The Grand Tour Files 2019

  1. info @

    Wife instructed to get this. Hope sales go well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Norton

    Oh ‘eck thats another I’ll have to buy. Why cant you write boring stuff that I’m not interested in?

    Liked by 1 person

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