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Zwift-ing for lolz

Everyone, as you know, is on Zwift. Geraint Thomas, your mates, that guy you nod at in town because he looks a bit cyclist-y. Maybe even your nana?

All on Zwift.

Some people, I’m told, even consider Zwift a spectator sport. After a hard evening Zwift-ing they like nothing better than to hang out in sweaty rooms and watch other people going at it, hammer and tongs, for lolz.

I can’t say I approve.

In fact, I’m that guy, there’s always one, who’s never Zwift-ed and has no intention of doing so.

I’m not anti-technology, or anti indoor cycling. I am, I think, anti-Zwift-as-spectator-sport, but what people get up to in a brightly lit room in a public setting is, in this modern world of ours, simultaneously all of my business and none of it.

My issue with Zwift is one of screen time.

I spend much of my working day (unless I’ve executed the fabled early dart) in front of a screen. I then sometimes come home and, like a millennial moth to a digital flame, voluntarily soak up more of that brilliant blue light. I’m doing it right now.

Last thing I want to do is climb aboard my beloved bike and sully that moment with screen. I want to get away from screen. And technology. Specifically all clicking, swiping, and entering of endless bloody passwords.

I want to hear my breathing and feel my pedal stroke. I want to appreciate the moment. And if that makes me a hummus-eating-yoghurt-weaver well then pass me the carrot sticks…I’m going in!

I don’t say this to feign superiority. I’m not judging others. I’m not better than Zwift; it would undoubtedly make me a faster cyclist, but do I need to hone my FTP and expand my V02 Max, or is it enough to feel good?

In the moment.

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In competition with neither myself, or anyone else. Virtually, or otherwise. In the garage, riding the rollers, tatty picture of Laurent Fignon pinned to the wall for company.

The Frenchman, I feel, would’ve approved.

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10 comments on “Zwift-ing for lolz

  1. I tried watching a Zwift race one, just couldn’t get into it. Watching people ride a turbo (or watching that person’s cartoon avatar move around on a screen) is not a spectator sport…

    I love me a bit of Zwift riding though. 😉


  2. I’ve never Zwifted, but I spend my trainer time in front of a screen watching a movie.

    Hey, whatever keeps the pedals turning, brother.


  3. I’ve never zwifted or used a turbo trainer… but I now have one and trying to get the time/enthusiasm to get on it – it’s better than no riding at all which is where I am at right now 😦


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