Welcome to road-theory.com

After five and a half years www.ragtimecyclist.com has had an identity crisis.

Rumours that I’ve been whisked off into witness protection having given evidence against the entire Fortuneo-Samsic pro-cycling team of 2018 regarding their choice of white cycling shorts – a crime against human decency, I’m sure you’ll agree – are wide of the mark.

The name change is of my own free will: two parts boredom, and three parts attempting to look and sound more professional. You can make your own conclusions about how successful I’ve been.

SunGodSo, with a fumble around for the relevant paperwork and a quick dash to the deed poll office names have been officially changed.

Helpfully, if you type in www.ragtimecyclist.com you’ll be diverted straight to www.road-theory.com.

However you find me, I’m happy you’re here.



  1. Good luck with the name change, have been considering something similar myself. Assume the process was simple via WordPress? My main concern would be organic traffic so will be interesting to see how you get on.

    We’ll see if I have the time over xmas to make some changes. Can’t say the prospect fills me with joy!


    1. Thanks HC – it’s a bit of a leap of faith, to be honest. Funny how attached you become to a name/brand over time. Yes, very easy on WordPress – just add a new domain name end off you go. Good luck if you take the plunge!


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