Dash Pro intelligent earphones by Bragi: clever tech on the go


The Dash Pro by Bragi: at Cycle Republic

Technology, as we know, moves fast. It advances at a pace our imagination can’t keep up with, and sometimes leaves us floundering.

There’s the slightly scary, mildly sinister stuff that we don’t fully understand; like artificial intelligence, nano-technology, and Nigel Farage.

And there’s the stuff that makes our lives better in a wondrous and innocent way.

Like wireless earphones that can Bluetooth to our phone, store 1,000 songs, track our heart rate, measure our exercise, translate 40 languages in real time, connect with Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, and happily follow instructions from us in the form of a swipe of the finger or a nod/shake of the head.

Imagine if they also came with a battery pack capable of delivering five full charges on the go. And included a variety of ear-bud fittings to match any ear. And were waterproof, too. And beautifully packaged.

Pretty science-fiction-y, eh?

Well, no actually.

I’m talking about the Dash-Pro from the clever people at Bragi.

I’ve been lucky enough to test these little beauties out recently as a solution for those of us who like to listen/communicate on the go.

And on that subject, when it comes to the Great Cycling Headphone Debate™ I take the same position as with the Great Cycling Helmet Debate™. Namely that if you’re reading this you’re almost certainly a grown up. As such, you need to be making your own decisions about cycling safety.

In some situations it might not be appropriate to have music in your ears when out on the bike.

Other times, it’ll be fine.

Bragi have addressed this issue head-on with their audio transparency feature; giving you the option to allow traffic noise and other background sounds to filter through your music.


As a cyclist I’m also intrigued by the activity tracking feature. Connected up to the free Bragi App the Dash Pro can track calories, duration, distance and speed. In addition, for runners it will count steps, and for swimmers lengths.

Not only this, but with no additional sensors on either body or bike they can monitor cadence and heart rate, and provide real time audio performance feedback in your ear.

Which is pretty clever, to say the least.

The Bragi Dash Pro are not cheap, retailing at around £299.99, but they are packed to the core with clever stuff.

They’re available now from Cycle Republic: HERE

A full review is coming soon here on ragtime|CYCLIST.

In the meantime check out the Bragi website.

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