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Velobici: This is the Modern(ist) World

Velobici: The Modernist Collection

You might have heard about Scott Mitchell. Maybe you know him from his social media handle (@modcyclingphoto)?

If not, there’s every chance you’ve admired his photos.

As the embedded photographer for Team Sky he captured the (ahem, cliché alert…) “iconic” images of the 2012 Tour de France. Remember Wiggins looking skinny in a hotel room?

That was Scott Mitchell.

He came to cycling as a non-sports fan, and with a fresh eye. His pictures were largely behind the scenes; poignant peeks at quiet moments.

He currently works with Mark Cavendish and co. at Dimension Data, among others.

When you’re embedded with a Tour de France winning squad you’re the guy who, to a large extent, is setting the visual tone. For many British cycling fans our actual memories of the 2012 Tour are supplemented by Scott Mitchell’s pictures.

And now, in 2018, Mitchell has collaborated with another band of British perfection seekers in the form of Velobici – purveyors of exquisitely crafted cycling kit from Leicestershire.

I’m writing this as an unashamed fan – If you haven’t tried Velobici kit you might want to treat yourself.

Their Franc jersey remains my go-to spring/autumn long sleeved top, several years after first giving it a run out. It remains snug, weatherproof, and remarkably pristine after dozens of washes – testament to the superb quality.

It still turns heads out on the road.

The Scott Mitchell collaboration takes the form of the “Modernist Collection.” Because Mitchell is a bit of a mod, see. So you’ve got the Mod ‘target’ logo, and a clean and sharp look.

Most striking, to me, are those long-short sleeves on the short sleeved jersey – apparently inspired by French Tour contender Romain Bardet. Regular readers may be aware that sharply cut long-short sleeves please me in a way that is, frankly, unhealthy.

This kit does not come cheap. But the stylings aren’t pandering to fashion – they’re not going to carbon date you to 2018 when 2019 rolls around.

And with the durability and longevity that Velobici bring as standard, if you want to splash out you’ll get your money’s worth over the years.

As Mitchell describes it: “Like a custom three button mohair suit, you will feel special in the Modernist kit.”

Much as I like the idea of riding my bike wearing a custom three button mohair suit, this Velobici collection is probably a more practical option.

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