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This is Cambridge (TIC): bright colour, bold design, and mismatched sleeves


As you may be aware, I like a nice bit of cycling kit. I could never be a mountain biker, a runner, a rock climber, or a kite surfer…I just don’t like the clothes.

But, I’m a busy man.

I have a job, and a family, and a coffee habit to maintain. It’s rare that I spot each new kit release the moment it hits the market.

I make an exception for This Is Cambridge (TIC) though.

I like TIC because they’re bold, and beautiful, and they don’t hold back.

You see a TIC jersey and you know it’s a TIC jersey. I don’t like every piece of kit they produce but I flippin’ love their commitment to bright colour, daring design, and mis-matching sleeves.

I had a chat with Daphne, the founder of TIC, and asked her how they go about keeping things original.

As she explained:

“We avoid the pressure to look like the rest. We’re a totally independent brand and have absolute autonomy over our design philosophy. Along with our gender neutral design approach this helps us to create our distinctive peloton style.”

I love the gender neutral bit – it makes so much sense to produce kit across the whole spectrum of design and colour, and leave customers to decide which is for them and which isn’t.

But the look is only part of the product, of course. What about quality and performance?

“Our approach is uncompromising. Again, being independent, we have the final decision and don’t have to fend off the unit price arguments with shareholders”

So it’s about that freedom and autonomy again?

“Yes. We can spend the time and money it takes to make the best we can. It means our products aren’t going to be the cheapest but the quality, fit and performance is exceptional.”

So, this “peloton style” you talk about – which pro cyclists do you think could best pull off the TIC “look”?

“Without doubt Taylor Phinney for the men and Pauline Ferrand-Prèvot for the ladies.”

If you aspire to reach the visual heights of a Phinney or a Ferrand-Prèvot check out the TIC Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2018 – it’s a thing of beauty.


5 comments on “This is Cambridge (TIC): bright colour, bold design, and mismatched sleeves

  1. Very cool! Thanks for the heads up.

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  2. Pink is a bridge too far… Besides, it clashes with the Venge.

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