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Chasing La Vuelta: a cycling holiday in association with Cycling the Spains

It’s winter here in the UK.

The days are short, the roads are wet, and Zwift subscriptions are on the increase. This is the time when you clock up the mileage that’ll serve you well come 2018.

And what you need, fellow cyclists, for motivation, is a target; ideally involving sunshine, mountains, smooth tarmac, and great company.

Which is where I come in.

In partnership with Cycling the Spains we have created Chasing La Vuelta: Mountains of Granada and Almeria.

Remember the Vuelta Espana of 2017, where Froome, Contador and co. traversed the sunny mountains of southern Spain?

You might recall Stage 11, which crossed the giant Alto de Velefique and featured a summit finish at Calar Alto? Or maybe Stage 15, with the ascent of the Hoya de la Mora?

Embed from Getty Images

These iconic climbs (and more…) will be conquered over six days of sensational Spanish cycling in September/October 2018.

The high point (literally) will be that climb of the Hoya de la Mora on day six; up into the thin air 2,600 metres above sea level, and even on to the end of the highest rideable road in Europe, for those who still have the legs for it – the Pico del Veleta at 3,200 metres.

Dominik, at Cycling the Spains, has delved into his well of local knowledge and put together this stunning holiday.

Priced at around £1,550 (1,740 Euros) it includes guided riding (with myself and Dominik), full support, idyllic hotels, all meals, and some added extras.

cycling the spains redWe set of from Almeria and finish, around 600 km’s later, in the historic city of Granada, with a small amount of time put aside for a bit of sightseeing (or just some picturesque relaxation).

Through the week I will be presenting the stories of the magnificent mountains we will be climbing – you’ll get to see and hear about how the pro-cyclists have fared in the past, before we ride them ourselves.

Once back home you’ll receive a bound journal of your week, including photos, and commentary on the inevitable array of memorable moments. I will endeavour to make all cyclists appear tanned, strong, heroic, and witty, for maximum impact when you show it to your friends.*

Check out the full details here at Cycling the Spains.

If you hang around long enough on the website you actually start to feel the warmth of the sun on your pasty northern European skin.

Just me?

Deposits now being taken – I’d love you to join me.

Any comments, queries, or questions, just drop me a line (ragtimecyclist@outlook.com).

*Miracles not included…

(Image: Unenzyklopädisch [CC BY 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons|Granada, via pixabay.com)

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  1. Nice! Good luck, brother. I hope it fills fast for you!

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