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TICCC Performance Bib-Shorts – smart, racy, and contemporary

As you may already know, I’m a fully paid-up fan of This-Is-Cambridge (TICCC) and their cool, classy, spotty, stripy, couldn’t-be-anyone-else cycling kit.

Starting out as a producer of quality casquettes, they’ve expanded over the years into socks, jerseys, base layers, and now bib-shorts.

Check them out here: TICCC Performance Bib Shorts

At £165 they come in slap-bang in the middle of what you’d expect to pay for a premium pair of shorts, and if there’s one item of your wardrobe that’s worth spending on, it’s shorts; no piece of kit has a greater effect on how comfortable (or not) a long ride is going to be.

The appeal of TICCC kit, for me, is that it delivers on quality and durability; it manages to be practical and properly useable, as well as uber-stylish – the new bib shorts look smart, racy, and contemporary.

Unusually, for them, not a spot or a stripe in sight.

On shorts, that’s generally a good thing.

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