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Kit Review – Montrose Jersey by Catella


Montrose Jersey: $165 (approx. £130)

As you might imagine, I have one or two friends who are also cyclists. Often, their interest in cycling kit is on a par with mine. In other words, they’re more interested than might be strictly healthy.

Their response to this jersey from Catella is always the same: It wows. It grabs the attention. It looks and feels high-tech. The colours are great.

“What’s it made of?” they ask.

“How does it work on the bike?” they say.

What’s with the dog?” they wonder.

In short, it creates a first impression.

Read Catella’s website and you’ll be left in no doubt that they are presenting something high-tech.

The seams of the jersey are bonded together – seamless technology – to be thin, light, strong, and comfortable, and it features panels of stretchy mesh down the sides of the body. In addition, the material is treated with Coldblack, designed to help regulate temperature and protect against UV rays.

It’s unlike most other cycling jerseys you might come across in that it’s super-racy and lightweight, and yet manages to feel strong and hardwearing.

Looks-wise, the jersey I tested is a kind of celeste and metal grey. If I had to pick one word to describe it (I’m not sure by whom…the fashion police perhaps?) it would be: sharp.

I’m a sucker for the modern trend in cycling of longish short-sleeves and these absolutely fit that bill. They grip the upper arm just above the elbow with an exquisitely crisp straight line.

It makes you feel a tiny bit more like a pro.

Which brings me to the fit. Catella describe this kit as a “compressive race fit” and I wouldn’t disagree – it’s tight.

I’m just under 6 feet and with a 41 inch chest and the ‘Large’ is definitely as small as I could go. I am thin, without being super skinny, and it’s an aggressive fit on me.

I could almost certainly size up to ‘X-Large’ and still be wearing a jersey which hugs the skin and reduces drag to almost nothing.

It doesn’t leave much to the imagination, is what i’m getting at.

Ultimately the Montrose has some very obvious qualities. It’s racy and aerodynamic; it looks sharp and slick; the material is top quality; and the construction is seriously impressive.

This is top notch, high-end kit for a fast day on the bike.

I tested it in the glorious sunshine of Mallorca recently, where temperatures reached late twenties Celsius on the hottest days. In those conditions I did find myself sweating a fair bit (although in 27 degrees I’ve never yet found a jersey to prevent that).

On the slightly cooler days (low twenties) and with a mesh base layer underneath, I had no complaints.

Would this jersey be my first choice for a five-hour schlep through the countryside? Probably not. But if I were looking for every advantage on a quick ride (and I wanted to show off a bit…perish the thought) this is the one I would pull from my wardrobe.

It makes you feel quicker from the moment you zip it up.

Slightly restrictive when sitting in a café knocking back an espresso, perhaps, but that’s not it’s natural habitat.

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3 comments on “Kit Review – Montrose Jersey by Catella

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  2. 11315miles

    That does look nice!


  3. It is really – very interesting! I like cycle kit.


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