The Ragtime Cyclist Sunday Signup

If you’re anything like me your Sunday mornings probably involve a bowl of porridge, a period of intense weather watching, three or four cups of coffee, a couple of costume changes, and finally a joyous three or four hour bike ride around your local lanes.

There may also be a small amount of politics involved. And possibly some mild suffering. But hopefully a bit of quality from time to time.

And then you return home, post-ride, desperately in need of something to read whilst diligently propping your legs up, recovery style, on the arm of the settee or the side of the bath.

Which is where I step in.

(…and when I say ‘step in’, I mean figuratively – I’m not going to get in your bath.)

Take ten seconds to sign up, and you will be the lucky recipient of a whole weeks-worth of Ragtime Cyclist, in your inbox, at 9am each and every Sunday morning:

Ragtime Cyclist Weekly – click for signup

And what’s more, I won’t sell your details to anyone; any e-mails you subsequently receive offering you free stuff, or illegal stuff, or morally dubious stuff, will be nothing to do with me.

Can’t say fairer than that.
(Image: pixabay.com)

2 comments on “The Ragtime Cyclist Sunday Signup

  1. I’ll only agree to sign up if you promise to sell my details to a number of dubious online EPO dealers who will deliver vials in paper bags to my hotel room using dodgy looking motorbike couriers in the middle of the night.


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