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Kit Review – Callaghan Jersey by 7Mesh

Callaghan Jersey – $175.

I’ve never been to Canada, but I’m led to believe it’s a pretty outdoors-y place. The image in my mind is one of wilderness, bears, and weather. I’m pretty sure that even some of the indoors bits are technically outdoors.

So, with all this in mind, I tend to trust Canadians to make outdoors kit. Especially stuff that’s designed to deal with weather. And so I was intrigued to test the Callaghan Jersey from Canadian company 7Mesh.

7Mesh produce a range of cycling kit with a particular style. It’s all block colours and simple designs, without much in the way of overt design flourishes.

But up close, it’s surprising.


I tested the Callaghan Jersey in teal, and straight from the packaging it appeared seriously understated, to the point of bland. But once I put it on, things changed.

It did that thing that well-made cycling kit does; zipped up in front of the mirror it transforms from non-descript long sleeved jersey into nicely cut, smart, cleverly detailed item.

The size Large was just right for me, which helped (for reference, I’m 1m 82cm, and around 78kg’s). It worked really well for my build, a nice balance between relaxed and racy.

The Callaghan is cut for the riding position, and feels exceptionally light. I found it a really comfortable jersey in that nothing stretched tight where it shouldn’t. It feels like it fits well, and it looks like it fits well.

It features merino wool on the inside, with the bit that’s exposed to the elements made from polyester. This mixture, for me, is what the jersey is all about.

I found it to work really well when the weather is chilly, but you want to ride fast and light. Once you generate some body heat a layer of it becomes noticeably trapped inside, leaving you cocooned in that merino layer. For a jersey so light, it’s cosier than you expect.

If you ease off the effort and your engine cools down, this effect obviously lessens.

The details are worth a mention too. The collar is fairly high and snug around the neck, the cuffs around the waist and wrists feature a sturdy band, with a couple of reflective patches here and there, and there’s the pockets…

They are massive. Cavernous. Like the boot of a car. And with little inner pockets for phone, cash, and keys too.

They are not the easiest to dip your hand in to on the move, but for practical purposes when you’re carrying waterproof, knee-warmers, food, pump, phone, cash, tubes – they’re just the job.

The Callaghan is a spring/autumn jersey, or a layer in winter, and perhaps one for a cool summer evening too. For a jersey that very slightly underwhelmed at first glance it has hidden depths, and surprising qualities.

Check out the website for the full range.

These Canadians know what they’re doing.


2 comments on “Kit Review – Callaghan Jersey by 7Mesh

  1. Alastair Stables

    I’m sorry. $175 for a jersey!!! That’s over £100 assuming it’s CAD.


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