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The legs make a comeback



Winter comes in two halves.

November and December are the months of decline. Clinging to late season form seems plausible for a while, and the winter bike is still a novelty rather than a millstone. But then Christmas intervenes, and daylight is no more than a tiny window.

I emerge, blinking in January, sluggish.

With any luck, and a few good miles, as January slides into February the legs make a comeback. They feel long again, muscles stretched out, and wringing every inch from every pedal stroke.

I’m on top of each gear, with cogs in hand on the climbs, and the 25 stays clean. No longer urging the gradient to ease, but daring it to ramp up.

Where three weeks ago it was an effort to leave the house and turn the pedals it becomes an effort not to. The more I pedal the more energy I have. I lose kilos, and change shape, and if I’m lucky cheekbones start to appear.

When the good bike is wheeled out in March, twitchy like a sports car, the ante will be upped again.

It’ll be time to make hay.



14 comments on “The legs make a comeback

  1. I’m a month behind you…. February is for ice and arctic blasts of cold. We look forward to March. Nice post, man.

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  2. I love the feeling of hope February has to offer as the evenings get lighter. Time spent planning rides and trips gives me something to look forward to. Lovely post.

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  3. Here in the Pyrenees foothills been riding all winter – which has ben pretty mild so 1400 m climbs have generally been OK

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  4. Nice man! Not long now though…

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  5. It’s been a good start to the year already 🙂 Not much climbing done but just past the 1000Km for the year to date. The one thing I’m looking forward to is being able to store away the night lenses for my shades, you can’t beat a bit of daylight on your commute.


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