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Higher, further, faster

Challenge, escapism, freedom – those of us who are hopelessly lost to cycling all have our reasons. I occasionally add up all the hours I spend in the saddle and wonder what I might do with that time instead. I guess that’s why people watch box sets.

I have no plans to give up riding, of course, despite previously musing on the idea, and in the process sending the fellow members of my house into a panic about how they’d be expected to cope with the mood swings.

I ride plenty, and I have my reasons.

As do the people at This Is Cambridge, who began life as purveyors of lovely hand-made cycling caps and now produce a range of striking looking socks, bold as brass jerseys, and more recently, base layers.

They also produced a stunning looking short film recently entitled ‘Higher, Faster, Further’ on this very subject.

Namely, why ride?

Warning: this video contains exquisite looking footage of the Col du Galibier, and may lead to the spontaneous booking of cycling holidays.



1 comment on “Higher, further, faster

  1. Enjoyed that, thanks RT. Leaves me yearning for mountains. And lovely cycling caps.


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