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Kit Review – Newlands Jersey by Rivelo

Newlands Jersey by Rivelo – £75.

The Newlands jersey from Rivelo is the classic tight and stretchy cycling kit, made from a Polyester/Elastane mix

As someone who tends to favour merino wool and other natural fibres in my kit I initially wasn’t sure it was for me. But having previously been really impressed with Rivelo kit for its quality and functionality I was keen to give the Newlands a fair crack of the whip.

As with any kit, it’s a lot to do with the price and what you get for your money; pay top dollar and you can expect your jersey to hit the mark in all kinds of ways, but in a lower price bracket there’s usually a compromise somewhere. Weighing in at £75 the Newlands is intriguing. It’s aimed well below the £100+ premium market, and falls in what you might call mid-range.

So how does it stack up?

In terms of fit I’m generally a size Large, and I found that to be just about perfect. It’s snug and stretchy, with a slightly dropped tail to cover the riding position, and a collar that zips up closely without being restrictive. I was impressed generally with the feel and look when fully zipped. With a cheaper full-zip jersey you quite often get a bunching effect down the front when in the riding position, but there was little of that. Around the shoulders although the jersey pulls tight it was very comfortable.

The sleeves grip nicely around the upper arms with a thick-ish cuff that feels sturdy and really good quality; again, where cheaper sleeve cuffs are just an afterthought, some attention has definitely been given to getting this right.

In terms of other features the three standard pockets work well, being reachable and noticeably sag free, and you also get a waterproofed zip pocket big enough for keys and money, and a cheeky little extra pocket which is tucked just above the hip.

I took this to be a quick release gel holder, and I loved it!

Rivelo N5

It’s in all these details where you find compromise with cheaper kit, and that definitely isn’t the case here; the little added extras are there, and they’re done properly.

So what about how it looks?

The colour, in real life, is striking. Described as Teal, which is a bluey-green to you and I, it’s a lovely looking thing. The thick white vertical stripe sets it off nicely, the black cuffs finish the job, and the logo-ing is nicely minimal. When you see it in the flesh, the marketing pictures don’t quite do it justice.

As I mentioned earlier it’s a classic stretchy Lycra type material, so if that’s not your thing then this might not be the jersey for you. But then it again it might be. It’s soft, and comfortable, and a pleasure to wear. Maybe I should be wearing this sort of thing more often, before the middle-aged paunch threatens to kick in?

Paired with the Honister bib shorts that feature the same Teal coloured bands around the thigh (see pictures, review to follow), I reckon it’s a great look.


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