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1 in 7 – Every day is a mountain

Ask any cyclist what they understand by the phrase 1 in 7 and they’ll talk gradient.

They’ll regale you with tales of epic struggles and steep tarmac, of burning calves and seeing stars, and they’ll even – perish the thought – exaggerate. A testing 1 in 7 can easily become a brutal 1 in 5, and in the wrong hands a simple anecdote about riding a bike up a hill can assume the proportions of an epic Antarctic survival situation, such is the (alleged) pain and suffering involved.

For most of us, when we get off the bike the pain stops and the anecdotes begin.

For ‘This Is Cambridge’ (tic) founder Daphne Kaufhold 1 in 7 means something different. It means cycling to manage the pain, not encourage it.

‘tic’ are a Cambridge based company who specialise in quality hand-made cycling caps and a range of great looking socks and jerseys (check out my review from earlier this year – I’m happy to vouch for the quality of this stuff!)

The 1 in 7 Campaign

Daphne Kaufhold, founder of ‘This is Cambridge’, has been suffering from severe chronic pain for over 5 years, after a road traffic accident. It has changed every aspect of her life and requires constant strength and determination in order to manage her condition. For her every day is like climbing a mountain.

Unfortunately she is not alone. 1 in 7 people in the UK suffer from chronic pain and an estimated 1 in 5 people globally.

Chronic pain is an invisible disability, it comes in many forms. It has been proven that chronic pain can be more painful than a sprain, broken bones and even arthritis. Medically it is defined as pain that persists after 6 months of an acute injury. Therefore the initial injury has healed yet the body still experiences severe pain.

Everyone is different but for Daphne cycling is an important pain management tool.

She says, ‘Cycling is an immensely important part of my life. The training, challenge and achievement gives me the strength, focus and purpose to help me manage my daily life of pain. The natural endorphins provide me with temporary pain relief, which in turn helps me cope better with my pain throughout the day.

There is no question that the psychological and physical effect of cycling is an essential part of staying resilient and coping with this immensely challenging condition’.

She continues, ‘I want to raise awareness of the issues facing chronic pain sufferers, and actively promote the benefits of exercise as a way of helping self-manage chronic pain’.

To help support Daphne’s initiative ‘tic’ has produced a special edition Panache Plume 1 in 7 cycling cap. We will be donating £5 from the sale of each cap to fund essential research.

To read more about about the 1 in 7 campaign visit the website at

You might also want to treat yourself to a rather classy looking cap while you’re there!

(All images with permission of This is Cambridge)

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