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Do I look like Peter Sagan?

The short answer, before we go any further, is no.

Only Peter Sagan could realistically look like Peter Sagan, riding as he does and doing it cunningly disguised as the 1980’s.

Peter Sagan (Image: Rob Schleiffert via Wikimedia cc)
Peter Sagan
(Image: Rob Schleiffert via Wikimedia cc)

The question occurred to me as I pedalled through the Yorkshire Dales the other day and was passed by a cyclist going the other way who was kitted out in full Tinkoff-Saxo blue and fluoro yellow kit. And when I say full I mean jersey, shorts, socks, gloves, and top notch Specialized S-Works bike.

This is not the sort of thing you see in Yorkshire every day, where a sort of down-to-earth-man-of-the-people image is what they like to project, while simultaneously telling anyone and everyone who’ll listen how down-to-earth-and-man-of-the-people they are.

Somewhat negating the image you might say.

But then I’m from Lancashire, historic foe of the white rose county, and so I’m always looking for an opportunity to point out a Yorkshire character flaw.

(Only teasing..!)


As I passed this man resplendent in full Sagan outfit I couldn’t help wondering about his motivation. I try not to be snobby about this stuff – although I’ve gone on record with my feelings about team kit – because he’s probably a perfectly decent bloke and it’s his choice.

But in such direct comparison with the mighty Sagan – new world champion and current most popular man in the world – we’re all going to come off second best.

Short of actually solving the European migrant crisis, rather than just talking about the fact that it needs to be solved (as Sagan did on the podium at the world championships), no amount of brand spanking Tinkoff-Saxo kit and Specialized equipment is going to bridge that gap.

Embed from Getty Images

Having said all this, the Tinkoff-Saxo regalia is at least a change from the two more common varieties of team kit seen in these parts: Team Sky, because it’s Team Sky and made by Rapha, and BMC, because it’s stocked by Evans Cycles.

Ultimately it’s personal choice.

Wear what you like, fellow cyclists, but it’s worth bearing in mind that Team Sky’s Rapha kit is really expensive, and there’s a lot of very smart looking non-team kit out there for that kind of money.

Consider your options.

Also, you probably shouldn’t wear the World Champion’s rainbow jersey unless you’re the world champion – it looks a bit daft.

Same applies to the polka dot jersey.

And no, whatever you wear, you do not look like Sagan.

7 comments on “Do I look like Peter Sagan?

  1. Excellent! Every time I write a post about wearing team kits and let the matter lay a while, you come back with another one . . . 1, 2 punch. Yeah, you’re right about it being that person’s choice, but why would someone choose to look like a dork? The polka dot is as bad as the man and woman whom I wrote about who ride a tandem bike dressed out in FULL Tour de France leader yellow kits!

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  2. If we’re looking for world champions to emulate we’re more likely to go for Lizzie Armitstead this side of the Pennines so Peter Sagan was probably just visiting 🙂

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  3. Favorite story, true too… Buddy of mine had his wheel taco’ed by the German National Champion at the Tour des Lac in Fenton… In a parking lot. At a rest stop. Turned out our 21 mph average, with only a five guy train, was a bit too much for him.


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